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group hypnotherapy sessions


Join the group for an extremely relaxing and therapeutic session that combines hypnosis with guided meditation.   During a group session you will be guided to relax your mind through some simple instructions.  No previous experience of hypnosis or meditation is required.


In addition to the relaxation, you will be provided with some basic techniques to help you to manage stress and anxiety.  The sessions are designed to help quieten your mind, increase your confidence and help you to sleep better.


In order to get the most benefit from the sessions, you will need to bring a yoga mat, a blanket and wear warm, comfortable clothing including socks.  A small cushion or coat to rest your head on will also help.  You will need to be able to comfortably lay down, although the relaxed state can also be achieved sitting in a chair.


Please get in touch via the contact form or email or phone me to book your place.


Places are limited so get in touch soon.


T: 07709 602952



Sessions are £8.50 each


To get the full therapeutic effect, a block of 8 is recommended and costs £60.00.

If you are unable to make all 8 of the sessions, just attending some of the sessions will be beneficial.


The next course runs every Wednesday from 17th October for 8 weeks at 7.30pm in The Victoria Room, Wadebridge Town Hall.