For me, my client's happiness is the greatest reward. Below are some testimonials from a small selection of Bridge Hypnotherapy clients:

“Hypnotherapy has shifted my mind set from being trapped in a negative spiral; to thinking more rationally and calm. By positively altering my perspective, Hypnotherapy has enabled me to feel more confident and break free from negative, self-destructive bad habits. I would highly recommend giving Hypnotherapy a go and Amy is fantastic at what she does and also very approachable!”

“I have always experienced a lack of confidence and low self-esteem and it was effecting my overall happiness and holding me back in my career.  Through hypnotherapy, Amy has helped me to improve my confidence and happiness levels greatly.  Hypnotherapy has also enabled me to have faith and confidence in my ability to practice my chosen profession.  In addition to this, I was also struggling to sleep and my sleep pattern was very bad.  Since having hypnotherapy with Amy my sleep has much improved which has helped me to cope much better on a daily basis.


I can highly recommend hypnotherapy with Amy to others and I regularly do.  I cannot overstate how beneficial hypnotherapy has been for me.  ”